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冬季暖心果汁 Winter Warming Juice



Plants 建議大家挑選食材時選用有機、友善、自然農法,不但對身體有益,也能讓我們的土地永續生長。到有機的農夫市集選購或是找信任的農場直接跟農夫購買,這樣食材新鮮,同時也能減少碳足跡。

/ / 冬季暖心果汁 / /


| 食材 |

10 顆 砂糖橘、切半 - 或 - 是其他柑橘類*

500 g 胡蘿蔔、切塊

30 g 生薑黃 - 或 - 1/2茶匙薑黃粉**

30 g 生薑

* 若用比較大顆的柑橘請減量。

** 若用薑黃粉請與其他香料一起最後加入

1/4 茶匙 錫蘭肉桂粉

1 小撮 卡宴辣椒粉

| 步驟 |

1. 用 Magimix*** 食物調理機 「柑橘榨汁組」將砂糖橘榨汁。

2. 換成 Magimix*** 「蔬果原汁組」,放入胡蘿蔔、生薑黃、生薑榨汁。

3. 加入錫蘭肉桂和卡宴辣椒攪拌均勻。

*** 若家裡有其他榨汁機也可以使用。

Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and great for the digestive system. Citrus is filled with immune-boosting Vitamin C. They are in season in Taiwan now, so we have created a warming juice along with some ingredients that you might already have at home. Carrot, for the sweetness. Ginger, for stimulating the digestive system. Ceylon cinnamon, for its sinus relieving properties. And cayenne pepper, for better blood circulation. This juice is not only healthy, but also very delicious.

We encourage you to buy organically grown produces, it’s not only good for our health but also helps sustain our planet. Buying direct from your farmers or at the farmers’ market not only ensures the freshest food but can also help to cut down our carbon footprint.

/ / Winter Warming Juice / /

2 glasses

| ingredients |

10 mandarin oranges, or use any other citrus*

500 g carrots, chopped

30 g fresh turmeric, or 1/2 tsp dry ground turmeric**

30 g fresh ginger

* reduce quantity if using bigger citruses.

** add in along with the other spices if using turmeric powder.

1/4 tsp Ceylon cinnamon

a pinch cayenne pepper

| steps |

Use Magimix*** food processor with the citrus juicer attachment to juice the citrus.

Change to the juicing attachment and juice the carrots, fresh turmeric and ginger.

Mix in the cinnamon and cayenne.

*** or use a juicer you have at home.

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