Our Mission 我們的理念

Delicious, nourishing & sustainable. Plants believes that food should be made with whole, nutritious ingredients, and prepared with the healthiest methods. Our food choices can also have significant impact on our environment. We aim to provide enjoyable, wholesome food with mindfully chosen & locally-sourced ingredients.

We are what we eat.(人如其食),飲食可以反映一個人的健康與生活,人類也可以透過飲食的模式來改變創造更好的環境。[ 美味 x 健康 x 永續 ] 是 Plants 的理念,透過選用生態平衡永續食材,讓我們在品嚐美味、健康食物的同時,也能為地球盡一份力。

Our Story 我們的故事

Square and Lily are the founder and the food creator, respectively, and are both longtime plant-based whole foods enthusiasts. They live and eat with care through the love for our planet and the creatures living on it. Although Taipei is a city filled with bountiful food choices, they are excited to bring in a whole new style of plant-based dining. The food creations at Plants are inspired by the organic seasonal fruits & vegetables grown by passionate, local farmers. It is our goal to create beautiful food that is not only nourishing to your body, but tastes amazing too!


創辦人 Square 跟共同創辦人 Lily 是將植物性飲食,維護環境,以及愛護生命融入於每日的生活當中。雖然台北充滿了許多美食,但他們一直想著要將更豐富又無負擔的植物性飲食帶到這個城市。於是,Square 開始招集夥伴一起打造Plants。Plants 菜單的設計靈感是來自於每一個慎選道地食材的特性,每一道餐飲都包含著最植物原始的顏色與養分。Plants要讓美食也能等於健康,聽起來很不真實,但這是 Plants Team 正在創造的事 :)

From the Review 來自網站的評論 


Rosita Tsai

“LOVE PLANTS! It's like Californian food! Fresh, clean, quality good eats, plus their commitment to bettering the environment, it's a def. place that I would take my friends back again and again.”


“I love Plants! The food is always delicious. As someone with coeliac disease, having an entirely GF restaurant is amazing! Staff are always very friendly. Would recommend!”


Maggie Liu 



Rongrong Lynn 




It's not a diet.

It's a lifestyle.