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©2016 by Plants Eatery Co., Ltd.


Local fresh cuisine
for everyone 

Plants is a plant-based, gluten-free whole foods eatery opening in DaAn District, Taipei City.


Plants 是一間以植物性(Plant-based)、無麩質(Gluten-free)、全食物(Whole foods)為飲食理念的餐廳。

NEWS 最新消息



新商品 Plants 自製


GUTTA LOVE IT KIMCHI and BEETING HEART KRAUT, now available in jars!

Plants 用心、小量、自製,花上7天發酵完成的活益菌食物。早餐、午餐、晚餐都合適加入!使用友善食材,吃得安心。歡迎來把它們帶回家。

► 凡購買 Plants 玻璃罐裝商品,憑同一玻璃罐下次購買可折抵$10。

Made with love in small batches. Our kimchi and sauerkraut are fermented for seven days, they are raw and filled with living probiotics. A great addition to your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

► get $10 off any Plants jarred items, when you bring the same jar back for a refill.

新商品 Plants 自釀「康普茶」

Our house brewed Kombuchas are now available in glass bottles!




► 凡購買 Plants 玻璃瓶裝商品,憑同一玻璃瓶下次購買可折抵$10。

New flavour, Rose & Chamomile. Brewed with local organic rose & organic chamomile.

► get $10 off when you bring the same bottle back for a refill.

新商品 Plants 自製催芽穀片

Our Sprouted Rawnolas are made in house with the finest ingredients!

Plants熱門的「催芽穀片」可是耗時手工製作呢!我們會先花上兩-三天催芽,再花上十二小時45°C 低溫烘乾,所用的食材都是細心挑選,竟可能使用有機。這麼堅持與用心都是為了要給妳/你最好的!

兩種口味:「可可枸杞」 與 「鳳梨螺旋藻」。兩種口味的基底是催芽葵花仁籽、催芽蕎麥、亞麻仁籽、奇亞籽、椰子與椰棗, 「可可枸杞」 還會再加上生可可、生可可仁、枸杞, 「鳳梨螺旋藻」 則是自製烘乾有機小農鳳梨和螺旋藻。


► 凡購買 Plants 玻璃罐裝商品,憑同一玻璃罐下次購買可折抵$10。

We've got two delicious flavours - Cacao Goji & Pineapple Spirulina. Made with sprouted sunflower seeds, sprouted buckwheat, dates, coconut, chia seeds & flax seeds. We use raw cacao, cacao nibs & goji berries in our Cacao Goji Rawnola. And house-made dried pineapples in our Pineapple Spirulina Rawnola.

From sprouting to finish, these superfood filled Rawnolas take about 3-4 days to be ready! They sure are a labour of love.

Our Sprouted Rawnolas are available in our Energy Bowls, as well as in glass jars for you to take home.
► get $10 off any Plants jarred items, when you bring the same jar back for a refill.


Plants 與妳/你慶祝任何時刻

Celebrate your special moment

with our delicious & nutritious raw cakes!


Plants 有提供全食物裸食旦糕,全都是:
▸ 純植物性
▸ 無蛋
▸ 無乳製品
▸ 無精緻糖
▸ 無麩質
▸ 45°C 低溫保有食物最多營養
▸ 有機、公平貿易食材
▸ 還有很多的❤️

▻ 莓果綺思旦糕 
▻ 萊姆綺思旦糕 
▻ 焦糖可可旦糕 
▻ 胡蘿蔔旦糕


▸ 整模旦糕為8寸大小,12-14人份。
▸ 整模的裸食旦糕採「預訂制」,請給我們「至少3個工作天」的時間準備,並請預先付款。

▸ 為響應環保,Plants 不提供一次性旦糕盒,有提供可重複使用旦糕盒租借服務。旦糕盒租借押金NT.800,完好退還時退款。(限一週內歸還)

▸ 預訂旦糕請於營業時間來電 02-2784-5677

Celebrate your special moment with our delicious & nutritious raw cakes!


▸ plant-based

▸ egg-free

▸ dairy-free

▸ refined sugar-free

▸ gluten-free

▸ made under 45°C to keep the most nutrients

▸ organic and fair-trade ingredients

▸ most importantly made with love!



▻ Mixed Berry Cheesecake

▻ Lime Cheesecake

▻ Cacao Caramel Creamcake

▻ Carrot Cake

▻ Chocolate Blackberry Cheesecake   



▸ Our whole cakes are 8” and can serve 12-14 people.


▸ Whole cakes are by pre-order only. Please give us at least 3 business days to prepare. Cake production will begin after the payment has been made in full, please pay in-store or through wire transfer.


▸ We don’t provide disposable cake boxes, please bring your own or rent our reusable boxes.

A NT.800 deposit will be charged and refunded when the box is returned without any damage, the time limit is a week.


▸ To order, please call us at 02-2784-5677

during business hours.