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百香果巧克力布丁 Passion Fruit Chocolate Pudding




// 百香果巧克力布丁 // 兩人份

| 食材 | 2 顆 / 320g 酪梨 3 湯匙 生可可粉 1 湯匙 瑪卡粉 3 湯匙 椰子花蜜 1 小撮 玫瑰鹽 | 裝飾 | 2 顆 百香果 1/2 小匙 生可可仁 6 顆 喚醒杏仁

| 步驟 | 1. 將酪梨去籽、去皮,和其他食材放入 Magimix 食物處理機(此份量要使用小杯),攪拌至滑順沒有顆粒。 2. 將一顆百香果果肉放入兩個杯中。 3. 將攪拌好的巧克力布丁平均方入杯中。 4. 放上剩下的一顆百香果果肉、生可可仁、喚醒杏仁。 5. 冷藏1小時候即可享用。

Making plant-based, whole, gluten-free and refined sugar-free dessert at home is easier than you think! Let us show you how.

This recipes calls for avocados which are a great source of monounsaturated fatty acids, anti-oxidant rich raw cacao, hormone-balancing maca, and coconut nectar which is nutritious and low in glycemic index.

Berries like blueberry, raspberry or blackberry would also go very well with the pudding if passion fruit is not accessible. Use any other kind of tree nuts that you may have at home. This recipe will make a bitter sweet chocolate pudding, so add more coconut nectar if desired. // Passion Fruit Chocolate Pudding //

serves 2

| ingredients | 2 / 320g avocados 3 Tbsp raw cacao powder 1 Tbsp maca powder 3 Tbsp coconut nectar a pinch of rose salt | garnish | 2 passion fruit 1/2 tsp cacao nibs 6 activated almonds | steps | 1. Seed & peel the avocados, throw those in with the rest of the ingredients into a Magimix food processor, use the small bowl, process until very smooth. 2. Pour equal portions of one passion fruit into two glasses. 3. Pour equal portions of the chocolate pudding into those glasses. 4. Top off with the other one passions fruit, cacao nibs and activated almonds. 5. Refrigerate for an hour and enjoy.

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