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Depictions of Nothing

by Helen Hu


“虛無的寫真”是對圖片根源的深入探索。在她的最新系列中,Helen 正在探索視覺的體驗。所有交流的基礎是單詞和投射在腦海中的圖像之間的關聯。當沒有物體可看時,畫本身是否成為了物體?沒有「識別東西」的中間步驟,是一種直接進入潛意識的方式嗎?當我們觀察表面、筆觸、線條和紋理時,我們內心會發生什麼?

在「認出」之前,一切都是抽象的。正如埃卡特·托爾 所說的「腦子一無所知的認知」,Helen 想讓觀眾回到身體的體驗,回到腦子還沒有加入的那一刻。


“Depictions of Nothing” is a deep dive into the roots of pictures. In her latest series, Helen is exploring what it means to experience seeing. The basics of all communication is the association between a word and an image projected inside of the mind. What happens when there is no object to see? Does the picture itself become the object? Is this a direct way into the subconscious without the middle step of recognizing some thing? What happens inside of us when we look at surfaces, brushstrokes, lines and textures?

Everything is abstract before the moment of understanding. As Eckart Tolle mentions “A knowing of which the mind knows nothing”, the artist aims to return to the experience of the body, before the mind joins in.

The inspiration for the paintings are walls Helen sees on her walks through Taipei. The paintings are created through a procedure of repeatedly revealing and concealing. The final image is the summary of lines, strokes, marks, carrying the history of the process as well as them all becoming an existence on their own.


About the artist

Helen 是一位出生和成長於德國的華裔藝術家。她在⼗八歲的時候搬去北京, 畢業於北京電影學院新媒體藝術。在不斷尋求及探索的過程中, 她的作品不斷發展且逐步進化, 同時也嘗試使⽤多種的媒介。 她的作品包括錄像藝術, 攝影作品, 拼貼畫, 多媒體抽象藝術和具象畫作。她目前在德國漢堡藝術學院攻讀繪畫碩士學位。

Helen is a German born and raised Chinese artist. Spending all her early youth in Germany, at 18 years old she moved to Beijing where she studied New Media Art at the Beijing Film Academy. On a constant quest for discovery, her works grow and evolve, as does the medium she experiments with. Her works have ranged from video art, photography works, collages to mixed media abstract and figurative paintings. She is currently undertaking her Masters studies in Painting at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg.