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Conscious eating

A Plant-based, Gluten-free and Whole foods Eatery.


Create delicious dishes with influences of food we love from all over the world, using local and organic ingredients according to seasonality.


Our Whole Food Philosophy:  We use the finest cooking oils like avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, and cold-pressed sesame oil. No refined salts or sugars, we use sustainably-sourced palm sugar, pure maple syrup, dates and fruit as natural sweeteners. We take time to activate tree nuts, sprout legumes, and add enzyme-packed components to every dish for healthy digestion. Food can be enjoyable  & nutritious.


To us, the sustainable spirit of farm-to-table is not only about the distance of how far ingredients have traveled, but also the way we treat our environment as a whole. In addition to supporting sustainable farming methods, Plants also uphold the spirit of "reduce, reuse, recycle”, and strives to practice the following every day: Zero-waste cooking methods, garbage reduction, upcycling paper packaging to be stamped as business cards etc. As well as providing eco-friendly detergent refillery for our patrons to help reduce package-waste. So everyone can do their part making this a better world.
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Plants 是台灣第一家提供100%植物性、無麩質、全食物料理的餐廳。



 - 共同推薦 -

國際名廚 江振誠

花蓮慈濟醫院能量醫學中心主任 許瑞云醫師

或者文創 營運總監/ 咖啡顧問 王詩鈺

美食作家/ Taster 美食加創辦人 Liz 高琹雯

廚房廢寶索艾克/ 料理人 Soac

木葉粗食創辦人 Lilyth

菜市場 Vegan Project 創辦人 Eason

Traveggo 找蔬食 Hao&Yang

健康生活的信奉者 丁春誠

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